Villa San Giuseppe

"Villa San Giuseppe"

It was built in 1600 by the Spanish on a hill overlooking the bay of Porto Azzurro.
Inside the first village church was established complete
with bell tower.
In the Napoleonic era, the house belonged to Joseph Rebuffat, who held his daughter’s marriage in the church.
The guest of honour was none other than the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was in exile on the Isle of Elba;
it is said that he took refuge from the sun under the locust trees, located in proximity to the church.
In 1800 the villa was bought by Giuseppe Cerboni, a native islander who had become wealthy and famous, while working for king Vittorio Emanuele II as the first accountant of the kingdom.
The house is still in the hands of the Cerboni family, notwithstanding the effects of the two world wars, who is happy to welcome guest all year round and makes every endeavor to assure a pleasant stay.
The villa is situated on a scenic hill, immersed in a hardwood park, only 500 meters from the main square overlooking the sea.


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